Volunteer of the Year Award

This award, in the form of a plaque, will be presented annually at the Foundation Dinner Event, to a current active volunteer of the Cumberland Health Care Foundation, that has provided outstanding and unselfish volunteer service to the Foundation and who may have also provided such volunteer service to the other agencies which are in alignment with the mission, vision, and values of the Cumberland Health Care Foundation.


Year Recipient
2018 Cumberland Cancer Assistance / Palliative Assistance Committee
2017 Jeanne Martin
2016 Monika Wohlmuth
2015 Dr. Andrea Faryniuk and Dr. Rosario Hernandez
2014 Holly Chapman
2013 Peter Woo
2012 Ann Keddy
2011 Michael Hunter
2010 Bob Janes
2009 Stan Williams
2008 John Covert
2006 Norah Doucet
2005 James Scopie
2003 Allen Wessell

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