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Cumberland Cancer Assistance Fund

The "Cancer Assistance Fund" has been designed to provide a helping hand when all other avenues of funding have been explored and/or exhausted for Cumberland County residents fighting cancer. Donations may help to fund transportation for treatment, food and nutritional assistance, and other areas as identified by the Cancer Patient Navigator as being required to maintain the health of the cancer patient.

Since inception of the Cumberland Cancer Assistance Fund with the first request being received June 2009, the Foundation has assisted with funding 747 requests, translating into the approval of over $263,000 in cancer assistance requests (upated February 2018).

What is a Cancer Patient Navigator?

Cancer Patient Navigators work closely with family doctors, cancer specialists as well as community cancer services to coordinate optimal care. They are one of the first points of contact for patients who are diagnosed with cancer and they enhance the community's capacity to support people with cancer and their caregivers. They are able to provide cancer-related expertise to patients and health professions in the local community and improve patient access to the supports that are available within the community.

Who administers the Fund?

The Cumberland Health Care Foundation is responsible for the collection and receipting of all donations to the fund. The Foundation then provides access to the fund via the Cancer Patient Navigator program of the Nova Scotia Health Authority. Cancer patients deal directly with the Cancer Patient Navigator in regards to funds access.