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Mental Health Fund

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What is the Mental Health Fund?

Donations to the Mental Health Fund supports programming related to the prevention, treatment and client support activities provided through NSHA Mental Health and Addiction Services that would not otherwise be funded. Examples include funding for autism initiatives, adolescent youth programs, outreach services, and the Working Together Program.

Who administers the Fund?

The Cumberland Health Care Foundation is responsible for the collection and receipting of all donations to the Mental Health Fund. The Foundation then provides access to the fund through prevention, education and treatment programs of the NSHA Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Does the Mental Health Fund give money to research?

No. The Mental Health Fund focuses primarily on the provision of prevention, education and treatment programs under the auspices of the NSHA Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Who decides on what can be funded?

All funding requests are submitted in writing to the Cumberland Health Care Foundation. Prior to granting, the request is reviewed by the NSHA to ensure that it is in alignment with the approved education, prevention and treatment programs.

The Board of Directors of the Cumberland Health Care Foundation completes a final review of the funding application to ensure that it is in alignment with donative intent and donor stewardship requirements and undertakes the final decision-making, and feedback to its donors.

What are examples of what can be funded?

Examples of what could be funded include the costs involved with education, prevention and treatment sessions (printed materials, rental, hosting costs, etc.). Funds may also help with providing specialized programming, and materials involved with treatment support programs of Mental Health like the Working Together Program. All donations are used solely for Mental Health and Addiction initiatives under the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

How do I know if my donation is making a difference?

Every dollar donated can help to maintain and potentially expand education, prevention and treatment programs related to mental health.

Helping others to help themselves through education, prevention, and treatment initiatives while improving the quality of life for persons and families affected by mental illness improves our community overall.

How much of my personal donation actually goes to the Mental Health Fund verses to administrative costs?

  • Mental Health Tribute donations: 100% of the donation amount received.
  • General donations made in person: 100% of the donation amount received.
  • Community special events: if you are attending a special event hosted in support of the Mental Health Fund then it would be anticipated that the net income of the event (gross sales less expenses) would be donated to the Foundation's Mental Health Fund. You should clarify this with the organizers of the event being held. If you are seeking a charitable receipt for your donation, you should ask the organizer directly how this is going to be addressed.