Equipment Fund

The Equipment Fund has been designed to provide funding for replacement and/or new equipment at the County's regional acute care centre – the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre.

What is the Equipment Fund?

The "Equipment Fund" has been designed to provide funding for replacement and/or new equipment at the county's regional acute care centre – the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre (CRHCC).

Who administers the Fund?

The Cumberland Health Care Foundation is responsible for the collection & receipting of all donations to the Equipment Fund.

Who decides on what can be funded?

In consultation with the CRHCC and NSHA, the Foundation considers all applications for funding.

How much of my personal donation actually goes to the Equipment Fund verses to administrative costs?

  • Equipment Tribute donations: 100% of the donation amount received
  • General donations made in person or on-line: 100% of the donation amount received
  • Community special events: if you are attending a special event hosted in support of Equipment then it would be anticipated that the net income of the event (gross sales less expenses) would be donated to the Equipment Fund. You should clarify this with the organizers of the event being held. If you are seeking a charitable receipt for your donation, you should ask the organizer directly how this is going to be addressed.

Fund Purchases

Year Amount Notes
2016-17 $122,050 (estimated) C-MAC Laryngoscopy; Automated Medication Management System upgrade; Wander Management System; Portable X-Ray Machine
2015–16 $80,290 Defibrillators; External Pulse Generators (temporary Pacemakers); Cardiac SAO2 Blood Pressure Monitor
2014–15 $107,035 Automated Medication Management Systems; Heidelberg Retina Tomograph
2013–14 $109,690 BiPAP Ventilator; OR Renovations
2012–13 $99,610 Automated Medication Management System; Yag III Plus Laser; Palliative Care Beds; Bladder Scanner
2011–12 $256,845 Vital Signs Monitor System; CT Scan Machine; Infant Monitoring System; Ultrasound Unit; Urine Analysis Machine; CAD VIP Pump
2010–11 $83,870 Flexible Cytoscopes; Urology
2009–10 $619,760 ICU beds; Portable Respirator; Portable Ultrasound Probes; Digital X-ray Machines; Glidescope; Palliative Care Beds
2008–09 $360,220 Electrocardiogram machines (ECG); Ultrasound; Versacare beds
2007–08 $41,700 Defibrillators
2006–07 $80,168 Infant Incubator; Plasma Thawer; Ophthalmology Scope
2005–06 n/a Levitan GLS Optical Scopes; Wireless Fetal Monitor/Avalon Transducer
2004–05 $177,932 Obstetrical Equipment; CADD Pumps; Glidescopes
2003–04 $331,682 Ultrasound Machine; Ventilator; Portable Pediatric Scale; Portable Ultrasound Sonosite; Infrared Spectrometer; King of Hearts Reading Station; Plasma Thawer; Wireless Fetal Monitor; Baby Picture Board & Digital Camera
1998–2002 $89,644 Resuscitaire; Defibrillator; Video Gastroscope; Warming Cabinet; Vital Signs Monitor; BiPap System; Centrac Unit

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