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Everything we do, we do because of support from our generous and valued donors. Every single dollar invested in health care makes a difference!


Investments in Mental Health

The Foundation supports Mental Health and Addictions through contributions to programming, direct patient supplies, and comfort care. Purchases can be substantial as in the investment of a van to transport clients throughout the county for programs and services, to smaller items such as weighted vests and blankets for anxiety reduction in children. Not including the van, the Foundation has spent $49,350 on products and services since 2018.

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Hospital Equipment

Donations to the Foundation’s annual Light the Way equipment campaign have enabled the purchase of many important pieces of equipment, large and small, for the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre. With your help, the Foundation was able to purchase equipment valued at $638,668 between 2108 and 2021.

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Cumberland Cancer Assistance

Since its inception in 2009, the Foundation has provided Cancer patients in Cumberland assistance with travel, nutritional supplements and other supports for their care while in treatment amounting to more than $525,000.

To inquire about the program, contact the Cancer Navigator at 902-667-6424. No referral is needed.

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Palliative Care

Similar to the Cumberland Cancer Assistance program, Palliative patients may be eligible for assistance with travel, nutritional supplements, medical supplies, at-home supports and other services. Since 2013 the Foundation has provided more than $111,000 for patient support under this program. Funding can also be used for equipment, meals for families at bedside, TV access, palliative training, and more. Generally, these additional resources cost $25,000 per year. 

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Physicians Have Chosen Cumberland County!

The Physician Recruitment team has done a marvelous job in showcasing all we have to offer; after all, it’s not hard to prove that Cumberland County is one of the most beautiful, and livable, places in the world! The Foundation will continue its support of Physician Recruitment as we seek to fill all remaining vacancies across our county. During 2019-2021 we welcomed:

  • Dr. Gagan Arora, Anesthesiology
  • Dr. Richard Gale, Family Practice
  • Dr. Hamed Komeylian, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Valerie Naher Laporte, Family Practice
  • Dr. Brittney MacDougall, Family Medicine/ER
  • Dr. Josee McBeath, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Brent McCullum, Family Medicine/ER
  • Dr. Colin McWilliams, Surgery
  • Dr. Joel Privé, Family Medicine/ER
  • Dr. Yousef Sulemankil, Family Medicine/ER
  • Dr. Heather Sullivan, Obstetrics
  • Dr. Dan Stojanovic, Family Practice
  • Dr. Neeraj Vandana, Anesthesiology

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We Need Nurses Too

The Cumberland Health Care Professionals Recruitment and Retention committee is working to address shortages in nursing, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, medical technology, diagnostic imaging, and other non-physician professions. They will be highlighting the benefits of living and working in Cumberland as well as providing positive initiatives to improve and enhance the work environment for existing health care providers.

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